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Focus on Equity

Focus on Equity: Success for Every Student

  • California's future success depends on preparing every student at every school to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The additional information in the California School Dashboard can help improve equity among student groups by revealing where disparities exist.
  • Having access to relevant information helps schools and districts understand where students are struggling and ensures staff can respond with resources.
  • Under the previous system, data about student group performance was limited to test scores only. The new system provides student group information on a variety of helpful indicators and puts it in one location.
  • Equity is at the heart of the new accountability system and equity indicators are up front and center on the Dashboard.
  • The new system provides information on graduation rates, test scores, suspension data and English learner progress disaggregated by student group.
  • Highlighting disparities among student groups will help parents, educators and community members pinpoint specific areas in need of targeted assistance.
  • Student group performance and progress also will be used to identify schools and districts needing additional assistance from the state.
  • The California School Dashboard will help ensure that schools keep their promise to the community to improve learning for all students.